Our Core Values

    Living in harmony with nature

    Your first experience in Nosara will be a warm welcome in the relaxed ambience of Lagarta Lodge. Our philosophy of hospitality means we operate our hotel according to ethical, ecological and aesthetic principles. Sustainability and social responsibility are core values. As are art and culture.

    We want to encourage people to live in harmony with nature.


    Your comfort is our priority

    Costa Rican Alonso Bermúdez (CEO, left) and Marvín Fernández (CFO, right) look forward hosting you as their guests and ensuring that your vacation is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.


    Securing the future

    Our estate has been awarded the highest certification for sustainability: "Nivel Élite" of the CST certificate (Certification of sustainable tourism). The certification has strict requirements e.g. including active protection of the environment, recycling, and favoring local, organically grown products. Another sign of our commitment to ecologically friendly operations are our solar panels and the hotel’s own water recycling system.

    Social Commitment

    We care for people

    As a guest in our eco-lodge, amidst breathtaking nature, you can rest and relax with a clear conscience. The Swiss owners and the Costa Rican management team are not focused on maximum profits: a percentage of the room rates goes toward projects that promote education and conservation. We are also committed to supporting the local population (www.edunamica.org, www.edunamica.cr, www.ecovida.ch).

    Design and Aesthetics


    At one with nature

    Lagarta Lodge artfully unites modern architecture and tastefully designed rooms with the outdoor environment. Nature-focused artworks, teak furniture, and a color scheme that harmonizes with nature are the main features of our interior spaces.

    Design and Aesthetics


    Seeing the world with different eyes

    Paintings, objects, and sculptures bear witness to the inspiration and energy of this magical place, its rhythms, its colors, its natural wonders: Art and design, architecture and nature achieve unity.


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